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High quality backlinks for your website's success.

Guide your rankings with the creation of individual forumlinks for your web page.

  • Natural forum links from well-kept accounts as the foundation for SEO success
  • Links with real added value
  • Generate not only linkjuice, but real traffic
  • Increase the visibility of your projects in the search indexes of different search engines
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Quality pays off.
Good backlinks for more traffic and sales.

Selected forums

While searching for suitable link sources we carefully pay attention to all relevant quality characteristics. In order to use only meaningful and relevant forums we for example always make sure to look out for values such as the Sistrix visibility index, the domain authority, the age and the forums activity. We are always up to date and always change our criteria to match the latest developments in the online marketing scene.

Well kept accounts

Before we use an account it is established in the respective forum. We always create natural profiles which are completely filled out and adapted to the forum. With these accounts the linkbuilders join in on ongoing discussions and maintain it for weeks, months and even years.

Excellent contributions

Our contributions are created by experienced linkbuilders. Each individual link benefits from this experience. A good contribution also always offers an added value to the forum. Examples: Only recent forum posts are used, with embedded links being placed between the linkfree contributions , the formatting and the writing style is adapted to match the respective forum or the link will be embedded in a current, active discussion.

In-house review

Each submitted link must meet our quality standards. Our experienced in-house SEO team checks each link which is being submitted and is in constant direct contact with the linkbuilders. Your customer feedback can be implemented directly. So we can combine the crowds variability with the expertise of our specialists and your special requests.

These are our prices.

We do not believe in complicated pricing structures: Our packages are tailored to meet our customers needs. If you want to order links in the subscription, or if you have any other questions, you can contact us at any time.

  • Standard
  • up to 15 links
  • 29.50 € / link
  • For beginners
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  • Medium
  • 16 - 25 links
  • 26 € / link
  • balanced price
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  • Premium
  • 26 or more links
  • 23 € / link
  • best price
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The LinkMix bundles are helpful for natural link building strategies. They include Forum links and Question/Answer Portal links.

  • LinkMix 16
  • 16 links
  • 456 €
  • 28.50 € / link
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  • LinkMix 30
  • 30 links
  • 735 €
  • 24.5 € / link
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  • LinkMix 90
  • 90 links
  • 1980 €
  • 22 € / link
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Everything at a glance.

  • Active, topic-related forums
  • Natural Postings
  • Recently used threads
  • Inhouse review
  • 30 days on-line warranty
  • Natural linking
  • Accounts will be used for at least 6 linkfree contributions before an between any link is placed
  • Natural interaction with other forum users
  • Special wishes possible (very old forum accounts, picture linking, etc. )
  • High variation (deep links and surface links, changing anchortexts, etc. )

We are not satisfied until you are happy.

As a company which specializes in developing generic domains, we always face the challenge, SEO-wise, to have a wide range of links available to fall back on. For this reason, we have built up and fine tuned it first as an in-house tool. We are pleased we can now also offer it to third parties.

Frederick Schiwek

The forumlinks of are perfect - real users who understand the product having real conversations. It doesn’t get better than that. With linkbuilding, it depends strongly on quality and natural growth, this is exactly what we found with after a long. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Xavier Buck

Technology Investor

We at Eisbär Bear media have been working with for some time now in the area of linkbuilding, what was initially a real insider's tip for specialized and difficult tasks has over time become a firm partner for us for all kinds of high-quality forumlinks.

Christoph Kilz

Eisbär Media

This could be your review. We are convinced of beeing able to make you a satisfied customer. Please contact us if you are interested in beeing published here.

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Do you have any questions?

Where are you setting up the links?

Since we from guard the quality of our links very carefully, the links to your website will only be posted in current posts. We also make sure that every post offers a real added value to the users of the various forums. We also try to only participate in really current topic discussions in a forum. In any case we will under no circumstance add your link to a message posted in an out-of-date discussion.

Do you only do follow links?

We offer you a mix of follow and nofollow links. You should remember that it is very unnatural for the search engines, if your backlink structure only consists of follow links.

What kind of link texts do you use?

We post our links naturally. Updates such as the penguin update have shown that search engines analyze the link texts more and more precisely and can now analyze these very well. Would we link hard keywords, this could lead to a penalty for your page. For this reason we link various forms with the domain names, with phrases such as click here or here or also with half rates.

What kind of accounts are used?

Over the years we have set up many accounts in a variety of different forums. In doing so, we always made sure to let the accounts grow as naturally as possible. In addition to the contributions with links to various websites, we also added linkfree content to the respective accounts from time to time.

Do you also reject orders?

Yes, we reserve the right to reject orders. This happens when the pages which are linked don’t provide added value for users. If we wouldn’t do that we would risk the deletion of some of our forum accounts.